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Canon Camera Bodies for Sale

ItemCondition Price Notes
Canon III w 50/1.9 collapsibleEX$400.00 with case and presentation lighter, chrome
Canon IIIaEX$200.00 with case, chrome
Canon PEX+$300.00 with case, chrome
Canon PEX+$300.00 with case, chrome
Canon 7EX+$200.00 with case, chrome
Canon 7 50/0.95 KitEX+$2000.00 with 50/0.95 lens, case, chrome

Canon Lenses for Canon RF and Leica

ItemCondition Price Notes
Canon 50mm F1.4EX$200.00
Canon 50mm F1.5EX+$250.00
Canon 50mm F1.8EX$150.00
Canon 50mm F1.9EX$125.00
Canon 50mm F2.0EX$500.00Early, Rare
Canon 85 F1.5EX$600.00Fast Telephoto
Canon 100 F2EX$400.00Fast and Sharp!
Canon 100 F3.5EX$150.00Compact Lens
Canon 100 F4EX+$100.00Early Lens
Canon 135/3.5 BlackEX+$100.00
Canon 135/4EX$500.00Very Early Canon Lens

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