Collectible and Rare Equipment

For the Connoisseur

Nikon Lenses
Nikkor 5cm f1.5, 300 made. Nikkor 13.5cm f4, 600 made

Collectible Cameras

ItemCondition Price Notes
Nikon M with matching 5cm F1.4 lensEX-$1000.00 with case, chrome
Voigtlander Prominent w 50/1.5 NoktonEX$500.00 with case, chrome
Nicca III with 5cm F2 CollapsibleEX+$800.00 with case and cap, chrome
Yashica YFEX$300.00 body only, chrome
Nikon SP with 5cm F1.4EX+$1200.00 with case, Black
Contax II with 5cm F1.5EX$400.00 with case, chrome
Contax III with 5cm F1.5EX$350.00 with case, chrome
Contax IIa with 50mm F1.5EX$400.00 with case, chrome
Contax IIIa with 50mm F2EX$300.00 with case, chrome

Collectible Lenses and Accessories

ItemCondition Price Notes
1936 Coated 5CM F1.5 CZJ SonnarEX+$600.00Early Coated Optics! Custom Conversion to Leica Mount
Nikkor-SC 5cm F1.5EX$2,000.00300 made, Made In Occupied Japan
Nikkor 13.5cm F4EX$600.00Made In Occupied Japan
1948 Nikkor-HC 5cm F2 collapsibleEX+$600.00
Canon 50mm F2.0EX$500.00Early, Rare
Canon 100 F4EX+$100.00Early Lens

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