Student Specials

Student Specials

We LOVE Film Photography Students!

Student Specials
Nikkormat ELw with Autowinder

Student Specials!

ItemCondition Price Notes
Nikomat ELw w lens and WinderEX-$125.00 with case, black
Pentax ME Super w 50/1.4 LensEX$75.00 chrome
Fujica ST-801 w 50/1.8 LensEX+$80.00 with case, chrome
Yashica Electro with 50/1.4 LensEX$60.00 chrome
Nikon Ftn with 50 F1.4EX-$120.00 with case, Black
Nikon Ftn with 50 F1.4EX-$100.00 with case, chrome
Nikon F3HP with 50/1.8EX-$125.00 with case
Nikon F2 Photomic with 50/2EX-$125.00 with case
Nikkormat FTn with 50/2EX-$75.00 with case
Nikkormat EL with 50/1.4EX-$90.00 with case
Nikkormat FT2 with 50/2EX-$85.00 with case

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